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Subject: [TowerTalk] Powerline Pole Guy Support
From: (Madison R. Jones)
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 18:39:13 -0500
Thomas D Sharpe wrote:
> Hi Dick
>    I live on a 100' x  100'  lot.  I put up a 160m dipole that looks like
> a pretzel. The average hieght is abt 20 feet.  To look at it from the
> street it looks like the letter M with the two ends raised 10 feet above
> ground. It works better than I thought it would. I must say...the
> telephone ploe on my lot looked tempting ,but I chose to sink  a post for
> the "Loose " end and hid that with a small tree that I stole from the
> nearby forest...:)
> In a few years I may be able to use that tree. With that silly looking
> dipole I have endless hours of enjoyment. I have worked  the Canary
> Islands, most of Europe some 6 landers and I am waiting for 2 QSL's from
> Russia,all on 100 watts. It  may be nice to have a 1/2 wave dipole in
> free space but  that isn't possible from my lot. It's a great band, lots
> of REALLY nice people. Get that wire up anyway you can. Make it safe as
> possible and have lots of fun on a "Gentlemans" band.
> de: Number One Totally Helpless Tommy      N1THT


Is it any wonder you Right Coast folks always win all the big prizes
during the contests?  I am lucky to work EA8 on 160 with an Alpha, and
then only when it is down wind from me.  The usual 160 fare is stateside
from 5 land, though we get lucky now and then.  Granted the 160 wire
does not have to be straight, but even having straight legs does not get
a lot of DX around here these days.



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