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Subject: [TowerTalk] more on grounding
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 13:56:04 -0500
Since grounding seems to be one of the major 
threads these days, I throw in this info, FWIW:

Another local ham told me his "secret" to 
getting a good ground was to take copper flashing
(I think he uses roof flashing) and wrap it all
around the house foundation (or as far as you
can go with the amount of flashing you have  -
expensive stuff unless you find a "deal").  It
is buried right at ground level, flush against
the side of the concrete foundation, and tied
in to the existing ground system.  I think his
theory was that the soil is always more moist
next to the weeping concrete and therefore more
conductive.  But to add to that, I read in one
of the Polyphaser newsletters that concrete
gives off chemicals which change the PH of the
surrounding soil, making it more conductive.
The guy who told me about it said that installing
a ground like this caused another ham to get rid
of horrendous TVI/RFI problems with neighbors
that had resisted all other efforts.

I have not set up my shack or tower at the new
QTH yet so I haven't tried this, but I will be
keeping my eyes out for bargains on flashing.

BTW, I have ordered Polyphaser's $22.95 book on
grounding and lightning protection, but even 
before that they sent me all the back issues
of the Striking News newsletters (and put me 
on the mailing list for future issues) for free,
along with their catalog.  Lots of great info,
nearly an inch thick. Cost them $3 just to mail it.
73, Dave WD5N   <>

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