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K2JAS asked: 
>what is an exothermic soldering job? 
Didn't see a response to this one so here goes nuthin'... 
A exothermic "weld" or Cad-Weld (which is a brand name) is a very strong 
electrical connection made by placing a mold onto a junction (can be 
anything...two wires, wire & tower, wire & grnd rod, etc...), inserting a weld 
chip (forgot what their called exactly), followed by a charge (looks like gun 
powder) followed by charge ignitor (looks like another shade of gun powder) 
placed on lip/edge of mold opening.  A spark ignites the ignitor which ignites 
the charge "releasing lotsa HEAT" (exothermic part) melting the weld material 
onto and into the junction.  It looks like it just becomes one single piece of 
material, not like two pieces welded together at all.  This is good for 
underground connections. 
But I've heard rumor that a really good clamp connection with no disimilar 
metal will last just as long with no corrosion even underground.  (Oh I hope 
that statement doesn't start something!;) 
de ed -- K-zero-IL 

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Hi Joe,

Sorry to hear about your loss but, what was saved appears to be far more
valuable.  The other stuff seems to be "small potatoes" and mostly nuisance

Here's my question:  You wrote....

>I have extensive grounding and a total of 20 eight foot rods (to date)
>all exothermically soldered to 3 inch copper or 00 stranded depending on
>the application.  

If I may expose my ignorance for a moment.... what is an exothermic
soldering job?

I promise not to start another Limerick contest about it.

73, de Roger, K2JAS

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