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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 07:08:10 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-04-17 18:33:29 EDT, (Roger L.
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<< re. lining you foundation walls with cooper flashing......
 At 07:10 PM 4/17/97 +0000, you wrote:
 >Try this only if you have tens of thousands of $ that you want to bury in
 hole in the ground,so to speak.
 Hi Paul,
 Your reply wasn't exactly clear.  Are you saying that lining the foundation
 wall with a burried copper flashing is a disaster looking for a place to
 happen?  How so? Would you advise burying the flashing one or more feet from
 the foundation wall or.... skip the whole idea entirely.  Ham homeowners
 have a need to know this. Thanks.
 de Roger,K2JAS
My observation is that lightning can do major damage to things that get in
its way.We have probably all seen the hole blown in the ground along side a
tree struck by lightning,this damage does not stop at the top of the soil. A
home's foundation is a very difficult and costly thing to repair.If the
flashing was right up against the wall, the lighting might pass down  the
wall to get to a pipe or through the footing as it went down into the
earth.Often water collects against a foundation wall ;it's called hydrostatic
pressure(that's why some basements leak).This water might make the wall or
the nearby soil a good lightning path.There is some distance that one could
put the flashing away from the foundation to avoid these problems,I am
guessing a couple of feet should be sufficient ( any lightning experts out
there to give an opinion.)
I also suspect that ground rod longer than the foundation is deep tied to the
flashing in the area any feedlines cross it (from the antennas) would be a
good measure.
73 Paul AA4ZZ

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