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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Ground Rods & Ohms
From: (Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 15:42:58 +0000
>Getting the rod into the ground with the soil we have here in the
>Houston, Texas, area is REALLY EASY and requires no 16# hammer or
>stepladder either.  Whatcha do is to have a cup of water at hand.  Poke
>the ground rod into the ground as afar as you can, and then remove it.
>Pour some of the water into the hole and reinsert the ground rod, again
>shoving it down as far as you can (which should be somewhat farther than
>the first time).  Then remove the rod again, pour more water in, etc.
>etc.  I know all you sandy soil types are laughing your *** off, but
>around here it really works.  I have put in more ground rods than I can
>count, and never once had to use a hammer.  I suppose if you have rocky
>soil, you'll have to think of something else.
>CU on the bands,
>(CW Forever)
I fell prey to that old practical joker's ploy before I discovered the
hydraulic mining approach.  The problem with what Madison suggests is
that every time you force the rod into the hard clay around here, it
squirts mud all over you.  About every third time, you have to go wash
your glasses off so you can see where the "hole" is that you've made.

Believe me, the hydraulic mining approach is vastly simpler, easier to
accomplish, and faster!!!

Rod, W5HVV

(OK, all you muscle-bound jocks that like to use brute force, flame away!)

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