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From: (Steve Narducci)
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 22:33:36 -0500
I have had many replies to my guy anchor question about
small screw augers holding up a 100 ft tower.  Most people
frowned on this idea.  Some did tell me that they have 
done this technique with success.  Some told me a few 
horror stories.  Thank you to all!
        With all that wonderful information, I have paid a 
visit to my local power company and have recruited a 
couple of power employees to come out here after hours and
set me some of "their" guy anchors in the ground.  
        These babies are monsters!  They are 14' long with 
three sets of screws starting with the top which will be 6'down in the
ground with a 12" screw
and halfway down from that, with a 10" screw and finally an 8" screw
at the bottom.  The shank itself is a solid 1" square steel
rod and it wieghs over 100 lbs (not sure but it is heavy!).
They have a large truck that has a machine that will 
drive them into the ground.  
        You know, it pays to be nice and speak softly to
people, you can get alot done!  No cement, and no sweat!

Again, thanks to all the help guys,   see ya in the next
pile up......Steve  NW9G

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