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[TowerTalk] Need Help With Bow Launching

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Help With Bow Launching
From: (Jamey Brookover)
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 02:28:22 -0400
Roger L. Elowitz wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Seriously now........
> I have a bow (the kind archers use) that was probably bought at a garage
> sale.  Absolutely NOTHING FANCY.  The bowstring is attached and takes
> considerable effort to pull all the way back. I've been able to shoot
> "broken tv antenna elements" over 100 feet away with nothing attached to
> them. <no applause necessary>
> I have no arrows.  I don't know what kind to buy if I need them at all.
> I'd like to launch a fishing line about fifty to sixty feet up over a tree
> limb.  Then, I plan to  attach a nylon guy rope to haul up one end of an 80
> m dipole.
> So the questions are...
> a) What kind of arrow do I try to buy (at a sporting goods store I presume)
> and does it need to be weighted at the tip with the fishing line secured at
> the tail end? Will a dowel purchased at Home Depot serve just as well?  I'm
> NOT financially challenged here.
> b) I imagine I'd need some kind of cheap fishing (casting) reel but don't
> know what to look for and where to attach it.... on the bow I presume? I've
> never seen this kind of rig.
> c) What kind of fishing line should I use?
> This is a ONE TIME EVENT so I'm not planning on opening up a dipole mounting
> business needing all manner of fancy equipment.
> All suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I think, if posted to the
> reflector, would help others who will someday face a similar problem.
> Thanks in advance,
> Roger, K2JAS
> PS... The powerline pole is DEFINITELY SCRUBBED as a VERY BAD IDEA for a guy
> support for the dipole....and I thank everyone who took the time to input
> the many, many reasons why it was so bad an idea. It wasn't what I wanted to
> Thanks again.
Roger... I just can't resist!  It's probably because of sleep
depravation.  But anyhow...

There once was a ham named Robin...
Who had the biggest bow in the Hood...
His arrows so fair...
Skyhook'd many a four square...
Now he works all the DX as he should!

I just hope that arrow doesn't break anyhing into smithereens when it
comes back down... Oops... Wrong thread!

*SERIOUSLY* though... I have used a slingshot with small sinkers to do
the same type of thing many times.  I just used a cheap rod and reel
like kids use that can be found at any WAL*MART or K*MART. Just enlist a
helper to stand beside you and hold the rod pointed in the right
direction.  Warning:  Do not shoot the arrow straight up into the air as
I once did with a sinker.  I have never run so fast *backwards*.  

I suppose the usual precautions of low wind and the neighbors not being
at home also apply.  I didn't elist the aid of any lawyers or PE's, and
was able to hold the cost down.  

Good luck!

73 -- de Jay, NT4D, (ex WB8BMV)

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