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[TowerTalk] Need Help With Bow Launching

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Help With Bow Launching
From: (Scott Bullock)
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 05:15:35 -0400 (EDT)
>So the questions are...
>a) What kind of arrow do I try to buy (at a sporting goods store I presume)
>and does it need to be weighted at the tip with the fishing line secured at
>the tail end? Will a dowel purchased at Home Depot serve just as well?  I'm
>NOT financially challenged here.
Just a regular wooden arrow works great for me-Walmart had a cheapo archery
set for abt $16.00, small sized for a kid, but I have been able to get my
stuff up 60-70 feet in my trees. I definitely would but some type of arrow
tho, either wood or metal-the little fins help in the control and accuracy
of shooting.

>b) I imagine I'd need some kind of cheap fishing (casting) reel but don't
>know what to look for and where to attach it.... on the bow I presume? I've
>never seen this kind of rig.
Cheapest spin-cast reel available will work for you. You don't really need
one though-I just play out 100 or so feet of line on the lawn-p.s. do it
after you mow it, otherwise you will suddenly realize how much crap like
twigs etc you really have on your lawn. :)

>c) What kind of fishing line should I use?
I use 20 lb test line, this way if the arrow becomes stuck, you can put a
pair of gloves on and pull so hard that the line breaks and the arrow falls

>This is a ONE TIME EVENT so I'm not planning on opening up a dipole mounting
>business needing all manner of fancy equipment.
>All suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I think, if posted to the
>reflector, would help others who will someday face a similar problem.
>Thanks in advance,
>Roger, K2JAS
>PS... The powerline pole is DEFINITELY SCRUBBED as a VERY BAD IDEA for a guy
>support for the dipole....and I thank everyone who took the time to input
>the many, many reasons why it was so bad an idea. It wasn't what I wanted to
>Thanks again.
There once was a ham with and arrow,

Nah, another day.
Good luck,
Scott KA1CLX

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