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Subject: [TowerTalk] Replacing cable on US Tower
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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 08:24:41 -0700
Steve Meltz wrote:
> I would like to replace the aircraft cable used for retracting my
> MA40 Tower.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer (US Tower) has not responded
> to my requests on the way to do this (I have heard that it is a legal
> issue - if I get injured attempting to replace the cable per their
> instructions they may be held responsible).
>         Anyway, without stirring up a hornets nest of legal issues, can
> anyone here tell me how to change the cable (and should it even be done ;
> the tower is 3 years old).  I hereby absolve any repondents against any
> responsibility they have or think they have; blah blah1!!
>         Thanks for any replies.  Steve   N2QLQ
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My cables have been on the tower for 12 years now.  Last year I pulled 
them off and checked the pullys and cables.  Cables looked fine but the 
top pully was badly worn and needed replacement.  I plan to do the 
cables this year or next but not because they look like they need it but 
just for piece of mind.

The bottom cable is trivial to get off.  I lower the tower down and 
block off the bottom section which loosens the cable for removal.  I 
then use a small jack inside the tower to raise the center section high 
enough to block it, which then slacken the top cable.  Note that the 
small auto jack has a long crank that extends outside of the tower so 
that my hand, arm, or other body parts are not inside during the raising 
process.  Common sense will guide you to building the tooling (i.e., 
blocks, etc.) required to do the process.  

But I'm with Steve, if your cables are only 3 years old, the only reason 
to replace them is if they are damaged, and then, you best find out why 
they are damaged after only 3 years of use.

Good Luck

73 de Mike

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