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[TowerTalk] Replacing cable on US Tower-LUBE

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Replacing cable on US Tower-LUBE
From: (John D. Peters)
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 21:19:17 -0700 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-04-20 09:19:25 EDT, (Tom
> Vickers) writes:
> > >    Other than that, you may want spray a light cable lubricant on the
> cables
> >  >during your semi-yearly inspection.  DO NOT put heavy grease on the
> cables;
> >  >that just traps moisture in the cables.
> >
> >  Can you give the name of of a light cable lub that might be used.
> >
>      Ron Blackbern at TriEx recommends a product called Prelube.  I haven't
> found a source for it yet.
>      Check your yellow pages under rigging shops or wire rope suppliers and
> see what they've got and recommend.  You're looking for a thin cable
> lubricant that will penetrate the cable and doesn't leave a sticky residue on
> the outside that dirt and contaminants will stick to.
>     Heavier greases trap the moisture inside where the rust starts from the
> inside out and by the time you see it, the damage has been done.  Then it's
> REALLY time to change the cables and pulleys.
> 73,  Steve   K7LXC
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Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant, industrial spray, part # 4X595C, stocked by 
Grainger.  Comes in a 12.25 oz spray can,  mfg Dayton Electric Mfg Co, 
Chicago, IL 60648.

73 John K1ER

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