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[TowerTalk] More on Florescent Tube Interference.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] More on Florescent Tube Interference.
From: (Robert Naumann)
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 01:02:11 +0100
Hidden in the attached message is the remedy to the fluorescent light
problem: use old, magnetic type ballasts.  The new electronic ones use
switching supplies and generate tons of noise.   The old ones operate at
60hz and unless there's some arcing going on somewhere, they produce no

Oh, and it's Lightolier - good company, good stuff.

Bob Naumann N5NJ
(former electronics R&D technician 
with Universal Manufacturing - now a division of Magnetek)

> From: Joe E. Mesh <>
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] More on Florescent Tube Interference.
To: <>
> Date: Sunday, April 20, 1997 06:24
> >> I can't find any reference to liteolier on the web.
> Spelled correct?
> Do you have any info on the company?
> Thanks
> Bill W5EC <<
> I type these things kind of fast usually between things at work.
> Sorry...  Liteolier may have them BUT....
> My fixtures are made by Lithonia.  My designs are troffers. 
> Specifically the fixtures are ordered with two optional suffix codes.  
> First there is the lens option.   It is the Radio Frequency Shielding
> option and includes the special lens and the grounding clips.   The RIF2
> Radio Interference Filters (one per ballast) are the other option
> required.
> The lens are available in two versions.   KSH-12RF and KSH-19RF
> specifically. They differ only in thickness of the plastic in the lens.
> With the lens installed with the grounding clips properly grounded (you
> can't solder to these lens grids -- I tried) and the ballasts filtered
> with their filters the troffer fixtures are compliant with
> Mil-Std-461A/462/463.
> Proper EMI/RFI testing is difficult and extensive.  Radiated EMI and
> conducted EMI need be considered.  A specific band of frequencies should
> be defined along with limits for the noise level that is acceptable. 
> The Mil-Stds do this.   The FCC does this.   The German engineering
> standards of VDE do this.
> All I did is listen for noise in my receivers.   I like the fixtures!  I
> can't hear them!
> One more note.  Both conducted and radiated EMI/RFI are higher for
> electronic ballasts than for magnetic ballasts.   This was stated by
> Advance Transformer Co. in 1992 in their Elec-Tech News.  
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> Thanks....Joe E. Mesh, D.M.D.,C.A.G.S.(Prosthodontics)
> from Beautiful Downtown HELL, Michigan USA
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