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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 18:50:48 -0700
At 05:46 PM 4/20/97 -0700, you wrote:

>Good point Pat, I have had that very thing happen to me!  I was about to
>shoot an arrow up to the 80 foot level of a tree, and my helper was standing
>on some of the unspooled line!  I let the arrow go, and like you said, after
>about 15 feet of travel, the arrow came right back, fortunately it came back
>sideways.  It hit my friend in the head as he ducked, but he was uninjured.
>If it had come back tip first, well, my friend would now be sporting yet
>another hole in his head!
>73, Buddy, WB4M
Buddy... a number of years back I was working for Chrysler in Switzerland,
and a friend, Felix Gessler, whose surname translates into "sheriff", told
me about an incident in the Canton of Uri.  An archer was practicing and the
pressure he exerted on the bow caused the arrow to take off sideways and
tore through an apple his son was eating.

The archer, one Herr Tell, was reprimanded by Gessler and in essence the
lawman said, "William, if you aren't more careful a disaster will occur."

Needless to say Herr Tell never finished his antenna and took up a new hobby.

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