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[TowerTalk] Does the FCC Know??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Does the FCC Know??
From: (Roger A. McCarty)
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 06:43:18 -0700
> Don't be so sure.
> Like with tobacco research, one of the reasons why little conclusive
> evidence has surfaced is because vested interests have more money
> than legitimate research organisations.  For every piece of evidence
> from legitimate researchers, the power companies will produce three
> pieces from their own sources.
> There is substantial evidence of detrimental effects from ELF fields,
> including modulation components of pulse modulated signals (e.g.
> digital phones), and 50 or 60 Hz radiation from powerlines.  Current
> ANSI exposure rules are based on 1930s postulates on body resonance
> (around 150 MHz) and the capacity of blood to transport heat from
> tissue.
> It is now clear that there can be damage to the vital perineural
> system from radiation that is as much as 30 dB below the ANSI
> standard.  The ELF components seem to be most detrimental, as these
> coincide with the frequencies used by the perineural system to
> transport healing and immune system responses.
> Many of you will have had RF treatment at a physiotherapist.  You
> will also have noticed that small wounds on your skin do not heal
> when you're receiving this treatment.  Generally, the wounds heal
> within days of the termination of RF treatment.  If you need direct
> evidence, there is no more graphical demonstration of these effects
> than this!
> Chris R. Burger
> --


I would like to hear from any amateur radio operator licensed for the
majority of their lives, who will lend support to Chris's "facts:. If
you have been exposed to high power amplifiers for the major portion if
your Amateur Radio Career, better yet.  Or, how about Broadcast Radio
and/or Television RF engineers/technicians? (I would prefer someone NOT
looking for a retirement funded by positive test findings)

Think of this, One way to gain control of a populace, generally regarded
as benign or even beneficial to society at large, is to "create" a
problem that then needs to be controlled. For the benefit of the
majority, of course. One way to do this is to pass a ridiculous
restriction (50 W),  and then enforce that restriction by making
perpetrators, criminal.

Why would someone want to do this?? Frequencies are becoming valuable
resource generators, but only if they are controlled by people in a
stance positioned to profit from the control.

Off topic, therefore my only post.

Roger KD6CC

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