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[TowerTalk] Aluminum Hardline w/o jacket

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Hardline w/o jacket
From: (Steve Vinson)
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:11:16 -0700
Scott Detloff, K8DX wrote:
> At 08:24 AM 4/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >Heres on for the experts here,
> >
> >I am intending to use some AL 1/2 inch hardline.  The problem is that it
> >doesn't have a jacket.  Just bare Al.  I suspect that it would be bad
> >form to thread this up the tower against the galvanized steel.  What
> >solutions have any of you found to work around this problem.
> >
> >Jay, WX0B
Hi Jay,

It appears that you have and realize that you have 75 ohm CATV
hardline.  It will work well with certain modifications.  

I have a very good friend who showed me a neat trick to installing CATV
or commercial 50 ohm hardline.  If you use hose clamps you run the risk
of crushing the outer jacket.  That can alter the resistance of the
hardline and drive up the SWR.  He uses PVC water pipe and cuts it in 3"
to 4" pieces.  You can then slit one side of the pipe and slip it over
the hardline.  You may want to slit it all the way thru (both sides)
prior to cutting in 3" to 4" pieces.  This makes it easier to install
and/or it fits odd size hardline easier.  You can then either attach
with hose clamps or other fasteners to the tower.  This protects the
cable from mismatched metals, or from creating noisy connections when
corrosion occurs between the hardline and tower.  It protects the
hardline from damage, it makes a better grip, and it's CHEAP!!!  Lots of

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