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[TowerTalk] guy wire tightening

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Subject: [TowerTalk] guy wire tightening
From: (henry gillow-wiles)
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 14:42:39 -0700
after buying one of steve's gauges, i discovered the guys on the tower are
WAY too loose. they are 3/16 ehs. the 2 questions are:

1) what should the tension be? i know it is 10% of the breaking strength,
but i don't know what the breaking strength is.

2) what is the best way to tighten the guys? i don't want to snub one guy
to 400lbs. in one move and have the tower lean at a 10 deg angle. do i
think like i'm tourqueing head bolts and go in a pattern?

tnx in advance. please respond to me at and i'll summerize if
need be.

henry   kb7rta

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