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Subject: [TowerTalk] Information needed
From: (John Watson)
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 07:33:42 -0400
The County where I live has started to draft ordinances to control
the rash of tower permits that are primarily for cellular use. However,
the county is also attempting to include in the ordinance, ALL towers,
and has classified them into several groups. Amateur radio towers were
to be included in the broadcast tower group.
     The county has asked me to represent the amateur radio interests,
to be sure that there is appropriate allowances for our useage, as to
heights of towers, and how differentiate between our uses and tower
types we use for the many facets of our hobby.
     I have received from the ARRL, their package of PRB-1, and about 8
- 10 different cases where amateurs have fought antenna restrictions,
and the end results.
     However, I am in dire need of a copy of a study called The
Gunter-Olsen Study. This study supposedly shows that towers don't fall
flat at a total of their height, but rather, they tend to twist on
itself, and twist to basically fall in a relatively small area.
     If anyone has a copy of this study, or any pertinent info from
mfgr's relating to how a tower will fall, please let me know ASAP.
     Luckily, our county is very supportive of our needs, and realizes
that towers need to be of heights greater than 50 or 75 feet tall to do
the job. They also realize and understand that our antennas may be
rather large, and that several may be on one tower.
     The county has addressed the possibility of having an amateur radio
type on the zoning board specifically for any amateur radio related
matters. This person WILL have a vote and a most important voice in
amateur related matters.
     Any help is greatly appreciated...

                           DE KC4TBH

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