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Subject: [TowerTalk] crankup advice
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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 19:37:52 -0700 wrote:
> Since the thread on recabling crankups has flourished I have decided to to 
> test
> the water.
> I am planning on installing a crankup this summer and would like the 
> experience
> and opinions of the toweretalk group.
> Present plans call for a Cushraft 40 above a tribander with a 2 el 12/17.  I 
> am
> assuming 15 foot of mast out the top and either a 55 or 70 foot crankup.  I
> have catalogs from U.S.Tower, Tri-Ex and Hygain/Telex which seeem to be a bit
> lax on information.
> 1. What are the best/worst ways to get it out of the truck ?  This seems to be
> my worst problem as I live on a slight hill and one of the towers looks to
> weigh 1680 lbs !
> 2. Any brand recommendations or are they basically the same ?
> 3. What kind of loads do you have on yours.  I am especially interested in the
> large mast (at least 15 feet out of tower) an dwhat types of loads you have.
> 4. Any other issues I need to worry about or need to know.
> Please post to me and I'll summarize.  If there is a summary in let me know.
> Dan
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Hi, i have the hygain 52gs. it wont support the load of ants you want to
put up. the rotor shelf is not bolted to the tower it just sits on rod
welded to the tower legs about 2ft bellow the top. i had a stack of
vhf/uhf ants for a while. gl es 73 Art

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