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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 16:04:23 -0700
I , as a Tech/Plus , concur 100% with both gentelmen. I am enjoying trying
to make the Honor Roll as a Tech on 10m , but when I have accomplished
"MY" goal, I will get my CW speed up and upgrade. I hope that the code
requirement is "NOT" dropped. I could see the speed requirement for 
upgrading above Teck Plus being lowered some for each class with Extra
topping out at 15 wpm. Then make the written test a "REAL" test . I think
the Advanced test is decent, but the Extra is a joke. The complete written
test , with all the questions and answers made available needs done away
with, at least for anything above No Code.  I would much rather see our
future hams know 5-10 wpm CW and have a real grasp on the basics, than 
be able to do 15 wpm and not have a clue about basic radio and antenna
design. Well I shot my mouth off now... 73/DX.......Bruce

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, (Hawkins, Bill) wrote:
>Everyone should e-mail their director, vice director, etc and stress this 
>(among others) before ham radio is destroyed! ASAP.
>Bill W5EC
>At 04:11 PM 4/23/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>Code's greatest attribute (2nd only to its ability to communicate
>>when nothing else is readable) is its use as a qualifier for those
>>that profess that they wish to become amateur radio operators and
>>utilize those frequency resources.  For those of us that battled
>>and conquered code, it stands as a sentinal to keep those of faint
>>heart and fadish drives out of our dedicated pursuits!
>>73, Rod  W5HVV

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