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[TowerTalk] Ground Rod Planting

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ground Rod Planting
From: (Dale Martin)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 08:42:15 -0500

Yesterday, I planted another copper ground rod at the base of my tower.  

I strapped it to the tower with copper.  

According to Frank Donovan's message timestamp, he was sending his
first message about the new EIA standard when I was pouring water down
the hole made by the ground rod.  

First, Madison Jones, W5MJ, told of a method in which a couple of cups of 
water are all that is necessary to sink a ground rod.  I am here to attest to
that fact.  I was skeptical, but it worked.  That ground rod went in smooth as
silk in about 5 minutes.  Amazing.

Now...I will have to come up with a come-along or car jack method to remove 
the ground rods and put in galvanized rods--When I bought the new one the 
other day, the salesperson said "we have galvanized and copper ground rods."
He said the galvanized were for where aluminum house wiring is being used. 
That convinced me (I had not yet heard of the EIA standard) to stay with the 

Oh well.....I guess I've spent more on spilt beer than what I spent on the 
ground rods.  


Dale Martin, KG5U

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