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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex Tower Base
From: (Bill Hinkle)
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 21:49:14 PST
All though I worked in a structural steel fabrication shop for 14 years,
I don't know anything about the structural strength of re bar. Tri-Ex
uses re bar as a structural member in their bases. I would like to know
how one inch re bar compares to one inch grade A-36 round rod strength
wise? Being a cheapskate in the true Ham sense, 
I made my own, using one inch A-36 steel rod as I could not find any re
bar for free. Now before I plant it, I'm asking myself, is it going to
be as strong as what Tri-Ex makes? I was always told that re bar is not
made to be used as a structural member.
The one inch rod has 3X24X3/8 inch flat bar welded to it that the tower
and rasing fixture bolt to. 16 inches extends above the concrete. 
What say Tower Talkians, anyone have any knowledge in this area?

As a side note, if there are any Baseball fans on the reflector, Oriole
Park at Camden Yards was fabricated where I used to work.

             73, Bill KB3AUG

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