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[TowerTalk] Wind load of Rohn SSV??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wind load of Rohn SSV??
From: (Timothy L. Bratton)
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:33:44 -0700
I have a spreadsheet with which I can do a full EIA/TIA-222F wind 
load analysis of a Rohn SSV self-supporting tower.  To "calibrate" 
my results, I loaded several towers as Rohn claims (one antenna at 
the top and another 30 ft down), and tried to get the over-turning 
moment (OTM) and shear force (SF) numbers of the June 96 Rohn catalog.

For a 100-ft SSV in 90 mph wind, if I reduce the antenna drag
by exactly 20.00%, my OTM and SF agree with Rohn's within 0.06% or
However, for 80-, 60-, and 40-ft SSVs, my results and Rohn's catalog

I'd appreciate any info about
        1.  the wind loads (pounds force at X mph wind - no gust or height
factors) on SSV tower sections,
        2.  the pounds force loads at various wind speeds that Rohn uses
 for the antenna structures in their calculations, and
        3.  any clarifications about whether Rohn based their calculations 
on 222C or 222E (or both), and
        4.  the name of an engineer at Rohn willing to talk about their 
tower stress calculations.

I read TowerTalk daily, but would prefer a direct reply to


73,   Tim/K5RA

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