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Subject: [TowerTalk] re: mast steps
From: (Jerry K. Liley)
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 21:25:49 EDT
                               MAKING MAST STEPS

There are a lot of pro's and con's about climbing a mast with steps.  
Here is what works for me.   My masts are all half inch wall.    The
steps are cut out of 2" channel iron 15" or 16" long.  (Channel is more
secure to me than angle.)  
Round out semi-circles in both flanges to match your mast diameter but
don't cut all of the way to the flat part.   Drill holes for two U-bolts.
(second one is for safety).   Cut along the flange bend about 3/4" from
each end on the top flange only and bend the ends of the flange  (about a
half inch)   up 90 degrees (keeps your foot from sliding off of the end
of the step)   Take a cold chisel and using the corner, beat a huge
number of indentations into the top surface of the step to make it less
slippery.  If you can actually turn up some slivers of steel by
increasing the angle of the chisel all the better.  

 Buy the U-bolts just long enough to pass through the step or cut off the
excess so your cloths don't catch on the ends of the bolts.   Mine are
painted with three coats of RUSTOLEUM and stay on the mast all of the
time.  I have four on each mast and use the lower antenna boom as the
first step.   I climb as close as possible to the mast and never lean out
in the normal way you would on a tower.   One side of the top step makes
a pretty good seat and the next one down a foot rest.

I hope this info helps someone.   Safe climbing and good dx.

73, Jerry   K0GUG

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