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[TowerTalk] Cleaning Roller Inductors in Tuners

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cleaning Roller Inductors in Tuners
From: (Jim Pruitt)
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 06:33:06 -0700
        Can someone tell me what to use to clean the roller inductors used
in tuners?  I recently purchased a wanZer Z4M tuner.  It is impossible to
tune up on bands below 15 meters because there is no receive signal for 75%
or each turn.  That makes it impossible to tune for best signal when no
signal is present for most of the turn!  On 15 meters there is enough signal
getting through to actually pre tune but on 80 and 40 there is no signal.  I
can run my finger around the turns and it will work for about an hour.
        I don't want to use something that I will have to use on a regular
basis nor do I want to use something that will corrode the coil!
        Can anyone offer any suggestions?
        Jim Pruitt, WA7DUY

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