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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force 12 antennas
From: 0007359114@MCIMAIL.COM (Bill Straw)
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 12:43:21 -0500 (EST)
   A few weeks ago I posted a note about my Force 12
DXer being destroyed by a windstorm. I got 20+ requests
for an update on getting a fix from the company, so here
is the summary.

   I have two freestanding HDBX48 towers about 100' apart.
One has a TH7 on it, the other has a F12 DXer (15,17,20M)
on it. Two years of comparison shows the performance to
be identical.

   A month ago a blizzard came through here. The airport
in town gave me a computer printout that shows sustained
45 MPH winds with gusts to 55 MPH. I live on a 400' hill
5 miles from this airport. As Tom, N6BT, correctly points
out to me, the wind was probably higher at my QTH.

   The DXer failed at two points, the boom to mast clamp
was ripped off the mast, and the boom snapped in two. It
is impossible to know which happened first, but with the
boom truss wires intact, I am left with two antenna halves
dangling at the top of the tower, the elements bent and
intertwined with the tower. The TH7 did just fine and works
just fine. As Tom, N6BT, correctly points out, it is not
fair to compare the two antennas, as the TH7 is rated to
100 MPH and my version of the DXer is rated to 80 MPH.

   I ran off a whole roll of pictures and sent them to Tom,
N6BT sixteen days ago. He has not aknowledged receiving
them, and has not responded to E-mail notes asking if he 
got them. In an E-mail prior to my sending the photos, he
said he is not inclined to replace the antenna.

BOTTOM LINE: The Force 12 DXer cost $900 and the TH7 cost
             $600. The performance is identical, but the
             DXer was destroyed and the TH7 sailed through.
             Consider this a product review.

Addendum: There was NO icing during the storm. Cars parked
          outside had no ice on the windshield.

73 BILL WB0O in North Dakota

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