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[TowerTalk] Aluminum Oxidation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Oxidation
From: (Mary-Frances R. Bartels)
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:00:53 MST
On Sun, 27 Apr 1997 21:20:05 +0000 "Donnie Murray (KE4RNA)"
<ke4rna@Traveller.COM> writes:
>The acid that you are referring to is commonly called HF to people 
>that use or are around it regularly. It's full name is hyroflouric 
>acid. There's no doubt it will clean the aluminum, but it will also 
>clean your flesh to the bone literally. This stuff seeks out 

   I have to second this.  I worked in a lab for 10 years.  I even heard
of guys that got the stuff on their hands and DID NOT KNOW IT.  It wasn't
until later that they discovered they'd been "burned".  I personally
wouldn't go near the stuff.

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