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[TowerTalk] Cleaning Roller Inductors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cleaning Roller Inductors
From: (MarchandJohn)
Date: 28 Apr 1997 08:55:03 -0400
Hi Jim,

   You can try using Isopropyl (sp) Alcahol to clean the roller inductors.
If you think it may be too strong used "as is", you can dilute it to a 
50% alcahol/50% water. (you can even use a 75/25 mix if the buildup is really 
heavy) I use just the 25%A/75%W ratio for cleaning film drive assemblies in 
laser imagesetters where high accuracy is essential. It will not leave any 
residue (and you can clean up the bandswitch assy while you're at it). 

WHATEVER YOU DO.....DON'T use the BLUE FOAM type tuner cleaner from Radio Shack.
I've found out from past experience that it eats away the contacts and 
eventually you'll have intermittant problems with contacts.

The CLEAR "tuner lube" works ok from RS.

John  K1RC

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