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N4KG: Re: [TowerTalk] tower height

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Subject: N4KG: Re: [TowerTalk] tower height
From: (Bill Fisher - W4AN)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 14:49:11 -0400 (EDT)
> 75' in Texas.  This comes from experiences I have had with higher and
> lower antennas.  When I redesigned my station, I made sure my first
> antenna was the 4 element (6 on 10) triband quad at 75'

My experience with a TH6 at 35' and a TH7 at 85' was that the top antenna 
was always as good or better than the lower on 20 and 15 meters.  

On 10M, the TH6 would be as much as 10DB better than the TH7 to Europe 
when the band was REALLY open.  Later in the cycle the higher one was 
better when signals weren't as loud.

If I had to pick a height for tribander... I'de pick 90 - 110' and then 
go buy a 4 element 10M yagi and fix it to Europe at about 25 - 30'.  



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