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Subject: [TowerTalk] Web download speeds
From: (John D. Peters)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:16:23 -0700 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-04-28 12:10:56 EDT, (L. B.
> Cebik) writes:
> > Download speeds on the Web are fastest between 4 and 8 AM Eastern time and
> >  slowest in the evening.  However, even by 9 AM, when the east coast
> >  arrives at work, finishes its paper and coffee, reads its FAXs and e-mail,
> >  and finally gets to work, the system slows down by at least a factor of 2,
> >  and by noon that factor may grow to 10.  At least, this has been true at
> >  this location (TN).
>     My luck with access and data rates with AOL are directly linked to East
> Coast activities, meal times, etc.
> 73,  Steve  K7LXC
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That's precisely why I shifted to a direct internet service provider. I 
no longer notice a slowdown nor long wait for service.  I think AOL, P*, 
CS etc all signed up people in excess of their server capacity.

In most areas you will find several ISP with direct internet connection 
and faster response.

73 John K1ER

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