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[TowerTalk] Al corrosion/connector seals

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Al corrosion/connector seals
From: (Ron Stone)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 23:02:07 +0100
In message <>, Bill Coleman AA4LR
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>On 3/25/97 8:20 AM, Hawkins, Bill at wrote:
>>Aluminum can be separated easily using propane torch with
>>blow torch tip. This will not(shouldn't) overheat the aluminum.
>>Heat evenly all the way around and let cool. Oxidation turns to dust.
>>A light tap will loosen and it easily separates. Clean good.
>I must say, this tip has allowed me to separate an A3S boom that has been 
>stuck since I took it down two years ago. I had tried heavy application 
>of penetrating silicone libricants and lots of pressure, but no luck.
>The heat/cooling cycle suggested loosened the joint up enough that I 
>could take it apart myself. Amazing.
>>Use Noalox next time.  
>I put up the A3S 7 years ago before I knew about Noalox. When I moved, I 
>had to carry the boom intact, as I couldn't separate it, even with help.
Hi Bill (and the other readers of this). I tried to get Penetrox ( a
sensible sized tub ) some time ago. I did not get a very useful response
to my enquiries unless you count the un-named outfit that tried to sell
me a one-pound tub for $70. So where can I get Noalox from please? 

Incidentally, I've been watching all the corres on galvanized versus
copper versus aluminum with interest. I always wonder why the paste
supplied by KLM for instance appears to be copper granules in suspension
- yet we are going to apply it to aluminum elements. The galvanic effect
of copper on aluminum is usually disastrous. Yet Noalox (in Force 12
antenna cartons) appears to be aluminium granules in suspension. I say
"appears to be" for both - you will note !

What's the expert view on this?

Wow - hve I just started another hare running?


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