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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 20:30:40 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-04-28 20:02:55 EDT, (Ron Stone)

>  Incidentally, I've been watching all the corres on galvanized versus
>  copper versus aluminum with interest. I always wonder why the paste
>  supplied by KLM for instance appears to be copper granules in suspension
>  - yet we are going to apply it to aluminum elements. The galvanic effect
>  of copper on aluminum is usually disastrous. Yet Noalox (in Force 12
>  antenna cartons) appears to be aluminium granules in suspension. I say
>  "appears to be" for both - you will note !

     Anti-oxidants should be used on electrical connections and are usually
outdoors. They usually involve materials such as aluminum and copper.

    There are many flavors of anti-oxidants. The two primary components are
metal particles and a vehicle material. The vehicle is usually a petroleum
base which is a non-conductor. The metal flakes can be copper, zinc or
another material. 

     What happens is that as you tighten the mechanical joint, the metal
flakes penetrate the oxide layers of the two pieces (ground connection,
antenna element, etc.) and make the electrical contact. The vehicle keeps
additional oxygen out and prevents more oxidation from taking place.  
> I tried to get Penetrox ( a
>  sensible sized tub ) some time ago. I did not get a very useful response
>  to my enquiries unless you count the un-named outfit that tried to sell
>  me a one-pound tub for $70. So where can I get Noalox from please? 
       TOWER TECH has four fluid ounces of Penetrox A for $8.25.  It'll last
the average station owner for some time.  Other brands are NoAlOx,
Butter-It's-Not, Aluma-Shield, etc.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

     TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies for amateurs

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