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[TowerTalk] Mobile HF Questions + Ode

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mobile HF Questions + Ode
From: (Mary-Frances R. Bartels)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:27:49 MST
   Since the comet is leaving us I thought I'd send this with my
questions (besides, since this can be the Limerick Reflector, I thought I
might be able to squeak it by the TTians without TOO many flames):

             There once was a comet named Hale-Bopp,
             Whose distance from Earth was one big hop.
             The view in the night,
             Such a beautiful sight,
             Made me wish that time I could stop.

Okay, please forgive the Yoda-like word order there at the end.

   Now onto real business.  I serve with my local ARES group and in a
couple of months will be working with a neighboring group.  I'm
discovering that being able to do HF mobile, or at least from a parked
car that is at a remote location is quite an asset.  My base rig is a
Yaesu FT-757 with antenna tuner.  My on-the-road antenna is an 80M dipole
(for now).
   I've made another power cord to be used while I'm operating remotely. 
Making that didn't work out so well.  I soldered everything into that
tiny Cinch-Jones plug.  Since I'm paranoid over voltage drops I used #10
AWG wire.  Can anyone tell me if I could have soldered a spade or
something onto the wires and connected the wires to the connector that
way?  I wonder if I'm going to have a short in the connector because of
how bulky the assembly is.
   Does anyone know if the connectors used in many/most of today's FM
mobile rigs are available as connectors only, instead of on wire
assemblies?  Since my OM's Kenwood TM-733, my Alinco DT-610, an ICOM
IC-2700, and Radio Shack's two-meter mobile all use the same connectors I
thought they'd be easy to locate.  After posts on another reflector and
newsgroup, and calling all around I have not located the connectors. 
This is my last ditch attempt to find them.  I thought I could use that
connector on the other end of my 757 power cord and plug it into either
my or my OM's car as well as the house.  I'd hate to have to replace all
the connectors I already have with something else just to have my HF rig
   Lastly, does anyone here know why I couldn't use blade-type in-line
fuses on the wires leading from my battery to the radio?
   Hope these questions aren't all that much off-topic.  This is a good
group and I am impressed with the high quality of the collective
knowledge and wisdom of those who post questions and answers.  Thanks for
any info anyone may have.

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