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[TowerTalk] New Hazer Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Hazer Tower
From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 21:59:00 -0600
Well fellow TowerTalkins for those of you who would like to follow my new   
tower project here is the latest. The concrete is hard enough Glen Martin   
Eng. said it was good enough after day two.  Their spec is for 3000 PSI   
concrete the company I got the concrete from said the 4000 PSI concrete I   
ordered is already at 3500 PSI after 7 days.  I have finished assy the   
tower on the ground hinged at the base. It started to rain here so I   
stopped working tonight. All I have left is to attach the kelvar guys and   
then its ready to erect. I'm looking at Thur. or Fri.
The instructions say all it takes is several good men.  I may have to do   
with a few bad boys. Hi Hi
I'll keep you posted.

73 Steve W8GAZ  

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