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[TowerTalk] Al corrosion/connector seals

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Al corrosion/connector seals
From: (Hawkins, Bill)
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 08:55:55 -0500
At 11:02 PM 4/28/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Bill (and the other readers of this). I tried to get Penetrox ( a
>sensible sized tub ) some time ago. I did not get a very useful response
>to my enquiries unless you count the un-named outfit that tried to sell
>me a one-pound tub for $70. So where can I get Noalox from please? 

Over here the local electrical supply houses carry tubes of it.
A hardware store/ building supply that has a lot of electrical supplies 
will also carry the tubes, usually about $5.
>Incidentally, I've been watching all the corres on galvanized versus
>copper versus aluminum with interest. I always wonder why the paste
>supplied by KLM for instance appears to be copper granules in suspension
>- yet we are going to apply it to aluminum elements. The galvanic effect
>of copper on aluminum is usually disastrous. Yet Noalox (in Force 12
>antenna cartons) appears to be aluminium granules in suspension. I say
>"appears to be" for both - you will note !
>What's the expert view on this?

I'm no expert, but this stuff soon turns to an insulator. I won't use any more.

Wow - hve I just started another hare running?
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