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Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 14:13:32 -0400 (EDT)
I finally bit the bullet and ordered one of the Loos Tension Gauges that have
been mentioned on this refelctor a few times.

I have 60 feet of Rohn 45, three guy points, guyed at 30 feet and 60 feet
with 1/4" cable.  The guy wires "felt" like they had about the same tension,
and the tower hasn't fallen down yet, so I figured I was in pretty good
shape.  Recommended tension on these guy wires at 60 degrees F. is 670 lbs.

In addition to remembering several basic lessons about tower work in Texas
(Lesson 1 = Don't stand on fire ant mounds; Lesson 2 = Watch out for snakes
and hornets in the field), here's what the initial measurement with the Loos
Gauge indicated:

   Guy point 1 - 30' level - <250 lbs.
                       60' level - 480 lbs.

   Guy point 2 - 30' level - 260 lbs.
                       60' level - 480 lbs.

   Guy point 3 - 30' level - 370 lbs.
                       60' level - 530 lbs.

Not very close to the recommended 670 lbs, and not very consistent from wire
to wire.  It's appropriate that the company that makes the gauge is named
"Loos" guys were obviously much too loose!

This little exercise also provides a good opportunity to check other guying
hardware components....bolts on turnbuckles (found a few of them that needed
tightening), anchors, wires to keep turnbuckles from coming loose, etc.

Bring on the storms!

73 - Phil, N6ZZ

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