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[TowerTalk] OK, Who made this tower?????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] OK, Who made this tower?????
From: (Bob Bergman)
Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 13:25:16 -0600
Greetings and thanks for reading this.

I have recently come across a tower deal that may not be to bad, unless
I have to go to a structural engineer and have drawings made for the
base to the tune of $1000.00.... :-(

I'm hoping someone can help identify the manufacturer of this tower with
what info I have available.

This is a modular tower, currently with 4 sections, 20 feet per section.
It is a commercial grade tower that was used by a cable tv company.
Triagular in shape, larger spacing at the base than at the top.
(Windmill type of construction)

Each section has a 5" square plate welded to the top and bottom of each
of the 3 legs to secure the section that would be above or below that
particular section. Each of these plates has 4 bolt holes.

The top 3 sections are constructed with 2 1/4" OD round galvanized pipe
for the legs and crossed (X) galvanized angle bolted to mounting plates
that are welded to the legs. These mounting brackets are on 4 foot

The lower section is of the same design but constructed from 2 3/4 OD
galvanized pipe.

The only markings I have found on the tower are what appear to be part
numbers on the 5" square mounting plates and angle cross braces.

The mounting plates have VL 347 and VL 348 depending on which section
they are on.

The cross brackets, being various lengths, are marked N63, N64,....N72,
N73, etc.

Any help identifing this tower would be appreciated (may save me some
big bucks...   :-)  )


Bob   K0FR

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