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Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 10:45:06 GMT

Just got a great catalog in the mail and thought I would pass on the info.

They have such hard to find items as:

Stainless steel U bolts, eye bolts, machine screws, cap screws, lock nuts,
washers, lag bolts, carriage bolts, wedge anchors, self tapping screws, cable,
thimbles, cable clamps, turnbuckles, even stainless steel nails and
construction screws.

Cable sleeves, stops, cutters and swage tools.

Hard hats, protective gloves, eye and ear protection.

Heavy duty electrical cord, watertight plugs and connectors.

NEMA fiberglass enclosures, PVC junction boxes, non-metalic superflex conduit.

A variety of switches, etc. including water proof toggle switch boots.

All sorts of warning systems (over/under temp, water intrusion, power).

UV inhibited nylon cable ties, including the giant ones for tubular towers.

They even sell radios (just kidding, the radios are business band HTs).

The name of the company is Tek Supply.  They say they are wholesale, but I
suspect anyone could get a small catalog by just asking (make up a business
name).  They will send you a free master catalog with your first order, but
their bulk mail freebie catalog (catalog # 375) has all the above stuff in it. 
They have 800 phone & fax lines.   For technical questions or orders:
800-TEKSUPPLY(835-7877), or for fax: 800-457-8887.  For the international
crowd: 860-528-5626 or 860-289-4711 (Se habla Espanol), and for TDD:

They claim: top quality, rock bottom prices (prices do look good -JC), no
minimum orders, 30 day money back guarantee and same day shipping.

73 - JC,

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