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[TowerTalk] Explorer 14 with high SWR

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Explorer 14 with high SWR
From: (david l hyman)
Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 13:10:18 PST
Perhaps you towertalkians can offer some suggestions as to how to solve
my problem:

   I have a Hy-gain Explorer 14 (10,20 and 40m) that is mounted on top of
a Hy-gain 52' crankup tower. I also have an R5 and a dipole. All the
antennas' coax feed thru an Ameritron electronic remote antenna switch
(mounted outside) to my shack.

   When first installed . . . the swr's were very good an all the
antennas (1.5 or below) . . . except for 10 meters (which was 5).

    Hy-gain was very responsive and sent me replacement traps for 10m.
Installed them . . . but no change in the swr.

    As we came into winter . . . the swr's on ALL the antennas jumped to
3 (40 m) and 5 (10 and 20m). SWR for the dipole and R5 also went to 5.

    My first thought was a bad antenna switch. As soon as temperatures in
the 60's came around . . . I bypassed the antenna switch.  NO CHANGE.

    Has anybody got any thoughts as to what might be happening and how to
correct it?

73 de KB0ONF

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