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[TowerTalk] Storm Repair Report

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Storm Repair Report
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 22:48:25 EDT
Low TH7DXX on 36' tower had a 20 meter reflector tilting 35 degrees from
horizontal as a result of the horrendous (3d largest in New England
history) April 1 storm.  Had help from Marc Willis NC7M, who works for
LSI Logic and is visiting these parts for a few weeks of training. 
Figured we'd tilt it, loosen the six nuts , straighten, tighten the six
nuts and tilt back up. No sweat.

Yeah, right.

Discovered that the storm had sheared two of four bolts holding the
rotator to rotator plate.  Had to remove rotator and bring it into shop
to replace bolts.

Discovered that two long bolts direct from HyGain factory were NOT
stainbless steel, not galvanized steel, but rather grey plated steel. 
Had to take boom to mast clamp down and into shop to cut them off, as
they had "frozen" in place. 

Discovered two trees had grown up and were being hit by longest element
as it rotates -- had to climb trees with trusty bow saw and do physical
damage.  Tree climbing not as easy over 50 as it was when I was under 30.

Discovered five trees (average five inches in diameter) had been
seriously damaged by the storm, were now tilting or broken over into area
endangering guy wires of this short tower.  Had to remove and cut up.

During tilting process, managed to slice off piece of PVC outer covering
on RG-213 jumper from hardline to beam.  Must now replace jumper.

All this effort just for low antenna to work Georgia in SS and WPX. 
Ain't life grand?

Can't wait to start repairs of damage on the big tower.

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