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From: Joe Subich" < (Joe Subich)
Date: Mon, 05 May 97 21:09:16 -0400
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   at 01:57 PM, "Gary E. Jones" <> said:

>One very big difference between the regular section with a top plate and a
>Rohn top section is the weight. The regular section with a top plate feels
>about twice as heavy as a regular top section for Rohn 45. The separate plate
>is heavier than the whole section of Rohn 45 and makes the piece very top
>heavy when it is going up and on....   I don't like mine at all.... I will
>always use combined top sections from now on...

Your estimations of weight are WAY off.  From the Rohn catalog: 

     45G      10' section                                          70#
     45AG2    tapered top section 2 3/8" OD tube                   60#
     45AG3    tapered top section 2 1/4" OD tube                   60#
     45AG4    7' top section - flat plate for TB3, TB4             52#
     BPL45G   top plate with guy lugs, for mounting AB, TB3, TB4   17#

The separate top plate is only 25% the weight of a standard section.  The
weight of 45G+BPL45G is 87# ... considerably less than "twice as  heavy" as
even the 45AG4. 


   ... Joe Subich, W8IK  ex-AD8I

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