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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45G loading
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Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 14:25:57 -0400
>Tyler, K3MM wrote:
>OK, but most of us dont try and overload 45G like you do :)
Hi Tyler!
My 170' Rohn 45G tower has a 5 element 20 meter beam on 
a 50 foot boom (11.2 square feet of wind load) mounted 
at 170 feet. The tower is guyed better than Rohn specifications 
for 90 MPH (inboard and outboard guy anchors) even though 
I live in a 70 MPH zone. 
Rohn says the tower top will handle 11.8 square feet of 
antenna load at 70 MPH. Just in case you think ALL 
contesters push tower limit loads!
I am VERY careful about tower loading! In preparation for
the installation of the 3 element 80 meter yagi this summer,
I had the manfacture of the tower perform a load study  
on my exsisting 190 foot tower. All 6 of the tower anchors 
were replaced with new larger anchors and the guy wire size 
was increased. 
With its improved guying system (anchors and wires) this 
24" faced tower will now support all of the 110 square 
feet of wind load (with a 2:1 safety factor) that will 
be on it!
I am one of the few peole who were part of and lived through 
a tower disaster. I was belted on top of a 50 foot
tower that fell over during Field Day. After 4 days in the 
hospital and 30 days to recover, I was climbing again. 
Few people get a 2nd chance, no one gets a 3rd.
Check, re-check and check again.
Please be safe!

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