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Subject: [TowerTalk] Backstays
From: (Bob Wruble)
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 18:58:16 -0700
I HAVE HAD good luck using wire rope clips/crosby clips
on the new style philly in beam truss applications (not as guy wires)
use 3-4 clips per end....have aLSO used aluminium nico press
clamps on philly beam trussess with no probs (not on guys tho 
only use the genuine grips on guy applications)..........

73 de w7gg

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> Date: Tuesday, May 06, 1997 7:05 PM
> Fred
> When I built the big 20 meter beam two years ago I toyed with how I would
> truss the boom.  The smallest size of Phillystran does not use guy grips, but
> the second size does.  The fact that I could use the grips sold me, they are
> so "clean"...I would recommend AGAINST using rope due to previous
> disatisfaction when it stretched, and as far as ss wire rope, even though the
> truss is in line with the boom and should have NO tendancy to be
> parasitically excited, knowing the philystran can't do that NOT MATTER WHAT
> means it is one less source of stomach acid.  I used ss hardware at both ends
> of the truss and don't think of it, ever....the way it should be!
> 73,
> k4oj
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