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Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 18:25:05 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello to all,

This is my first message to this group.
Nm is sandy, call is N1MAU.
I live in the north east on the coast of Mass.

I have in three boxes a Mosley, Pro-67B and will be assembling it shortly.

My tower is a 60 ft. Rohn 25, guyed at the 25 and 50 ft.
1/4" guys anchored in cement with the twist-in anchors.
The rotor is mounted at the fifty foot level where the last guys are
A ten foot piece of galvanized pipe, 1/4" wall, is used to run through the
top section.
Another piece of piece of pipe has been inserted into the first ten foot
piece and will extend above the tower by seven feet.
The additional three feet of the second piece of pipe is used to double the
portion of the first piece of where it goes through the tower top and double
the mounting point for the Pro-67B, which will be 6 inches above the top of
the tower.

Rohn has made the comments that this tower and the guying I have mentioned
will work OK. 

I have been told the best way to setup this antenna is to build and test it
on test-stands that are ten feet tall.
Then lift and mount the antenna  as a complete package.  I believe the
antenna weight is approx. 150lbs.

One question that comes to mind is how will the SWR be effected when I check
out the antenna on the test stands ?

If anyone has any information or comments I would appreciate the help.

73, sandy

Greville (Sandy) Balzarini, Parts Quality
IIS Varian, Gloucester, MA
tel: 508-282-2563
fax: 508-283-4542

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