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Subject: [TowerTalk] prop pitch seals
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Date: Thu, 08 May 97 13:49:49 -0600
     Thanks guys,
     No, I don't plan on using oil in the gearbox, though I would if I 
     thought I could keep it in. I plan on packing it with Kendall Blue 
     grease. I've used this grease in other low and high speed 
     applications. It is very tenacious as most of my clothing can attest. 
     The motor shaft, after cleaning with 220 grit, is lightly pitted but 
     "appears" true. I'll check the runout before going further - tnx, good 
     suggestion. The old seal has too much clearance between it and the shaft 
     to keep anything in. Tnx Jim - hope you can find the CR #. 
     Glenn, I located the sleeves so if the shaft is true, I'll sleeve it.
     I called Motion Industries here and they indicated a CR 99049 sleeve  
     for 0.469 to 0.475 shaft. TNX
     The bearings (MRC 200 I think) appear fine (no play and very smooth 
     rotation). This thing has sat in my tool shed for 11 years with, as I 
     now know, no oil in it but still oil on the metal surfaces.. I was 
     amazed at the "good shape". After the parts washer the planetary 
     section looked like new. 
     73 & Tnx to all,
     Mike KB4KKL

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