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[TowerTalk] TNX, and questions on roof towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TNX, and questions on roof towers
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Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 05:27:40 GMT
>From the specs, seems like even the smallest Create
>or G-M ought to do fine with these.  Any advice?

Hi Jeff,

I just helped a friend install the smallest Glen-Martin with about a 10' mast. 
While the 24" width at the base sure helped simplify the mounting on his 24" on
center trussed tile roof, it didn't strike me as very sturdy.  If it had been
mine, I would have opted for one of the larger bases.  We are installing a
satellite antenna package on his.  The Yaesu G5400B az/el rotator (az in the
base, el at top of mast) and a pair of Cushcraft crossed Yagis (not my first
choice either).  The antennas add up to only 4 sq. ft. of wind load in this
case (plus the rotor and crossboom) and he isn't in a high wind area so he will
probably be ok.  

I'd choose a larger base for HF antennas.  The Create folks claim much higher
windloads, but they also say the tower must be guyed.  Also, they use galv.
steel bracing mixed in with the aluminum legs.  I don't care for that, but
that's a personal problem.  I think I'd opt for the RT-936 from G-M, or at the
least the RT-832.  Be sure you BOLT (not screw) it to the roof structure
(that's the rafters or trusses, not the sub-roof).  We even beefed up the
trusses on this one we just did.

Good luck, have fun and be careful on the roof.  Falling off is no fun.

73 - JC,

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