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Subject: [TowerTalk] TOWER REPAIR QUERY
From: (John D. Peters)
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 01:26:02 -0700
T. A. Russell wrote:
> I have a 55 foot TV type tower (12 inches on a side with horizontal
> steps every 2 feet) guyed at 25 and 50 ft. with 3/16 inch guy wire.
> The legs and steps are 1-1/4 inches in diameter and made of
> galvanized steel.  The bottom section was set 30 inches in the ground.
> Apparently I left a piece of string tied around one leg at the ground
> level and this leg has rusted completely through.  It has separated
> approximately 1/8 inch at the break.
> Can this leg be braced and supported adequately so as not to
> require dismantling and rebuilding?  If so, how would you suggest
> going about it?
> de Tom N4KG
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If one leg is "rusted clear through" the whole tower is probably rotten 
with rust from the inside.  I would have a crane remove the antennas if 
they are worth it, and the rotor, and junk the tower. Never climb it!

Towers are inexpensive (Rohn 25 type anyway).  Rotten towers are very 
expensive.  Take a hammer and a punch and hit the other legs hard to see 
how rotten they are.

I would just junk it without further examination.

73 John K1ER

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