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Subject: [TowerTalk] TOWER REPAIR QUERY
From: "" (Edward W. Sleight)
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 21:04:06 -0700
Can suggest you do the same thing I had to do with a section of 25.
Get a piece of galvanized steel ( about 1 foot will do )pipe,
the inside diameter of which is slightly less than the OD of the 
damaged section.( about 3/16" less is ideal, 1/8" OK, but 1/4"
difference is really a little too much ) Select the length of pipe you
want to use to repair the break ( 12" is fine ) and cut the steel pipe
to that length. Then cut the 12" section into 2 halves. ( I use a
carbide blade in my rip saw for this ) Cut back the rusted part, clean
and prime, paint, ect. and then place the 2 12" places across the
break, and use muffler clamps at two or three places to tighten. 

73, Ed

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