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Subject: [TowerTalk] GAP Challenger
From: 74237.2073@CompuServe.COM (James W. Fisher, Jr.)
Date: 13 May 97 07:19:48 EDT
W5HW writes:
>I have a friend (W5JUQ) who was long dormant and has recently revived
>his activity.  He is severely limited in his antenna space but likes
>to work DX.  He asked that I look at and give him
>my evaluation of the Challenger DX 8-Band Multiband DX Antenna.

>I defer to you that may have experience with this antenna, especially
>in reference to his ability to work DX.

I have a GAP Voyager (160-80-40-20) and have exchanged and noted opinions on
GAPs.  My Voyager works quite well on bands except the lowest (160) and I hear
the same is true for the Challenger (in this case, 80).   Contrary to factory
instructions, I have raised the counterpoise a few feet above the ground and
installed a ground system and believe that improved my 80 meter results. 

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