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From: (Michael Sherron)
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 01:03:15 -0400
Hello everyone,

I am posting this again so that anyone going to Dayton this weekend who 
might want to take a quick look at this tower can do so.

The tower that I am speaking of is a 50' fold down with a tri-band beam 
on the top.  It has a rotator of unknown brand.  The beam is also of 
unknown origin, however, it appears to be in good condition, not much in 
the way of visible oxidation.  The owner is looking to get the tower 
down since he is not an amateur and has no use for it.  It seems to be 
to be a shame to let a perfectly good antenna become scrap metal.

He believes that he can get $300 for the entire tower and antennas if he 
scraps them for the cash.  I will make myself available to anyone who 
wants to take this tower down to get it into more appropriate hands.

If you want to see it first hand...

Get on I-75 south from Dayton.  Go south approximately 30 minutes to 
Tylersville Rd. (Mason-Hamilton exit)  Turn left and go to the third 
traffic light and turn right.  This is Cox Rd and you will see a Big 
Lots on one corner and the old Voice of America station on the opposite 
corner (for all who appreciate incredible antennas, it may be worth the 
trip just to eyeball that field!!!)  Go about .5 mile on Cox and you 
will see the tower on the left (second house after the first cross 

Enjoy Dayton!! If you are coming through Cincinnati, Ohio, you can 
usually find me on 147.06+, the University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio 
Club repeater.  Give me a shout as you pass through town.



Tylersville Road is an exit you will pass if you are coming up south of 
Cincinnati.  It is two exits north of I-275, on the north side of the 

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