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[TowerTalk] RE: PL-259/N-type Connector Sealing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: PL-259/N-type Connector Sealing
From: (Phil/Marc Isard / Kunion)
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 17:38:25 EDT
OK, guys & gals, here's where I  jump in, under the soft under-belly of
all of u who KNOW what ur talking about.

Ive found a product LIQUID ELECTRICAL TAPE, from STAR-BRITE, fabricated
SPECIFICALLY 4 the marine environment, which means it will handle
ANYTHING we can throw at it [including those of us with a ground plane
which shows on a topo map as a big, blue xpanse].

They hv an 800 #: 327 8583; ask 4 JOHN. Loads of colors.

Its technical specs r very impressive. I hv given-up on coax seal as
totally unsuitable vis a vis impossibility of removal. Altho it adheres
to EVERY substance, it is easily removed, forming a 1-unit, impenetrable
jacket, but still a plastic that can b cut, sliced, bitten [my favorite],

This stuff drips-into/coats/covers/seals... U can put layers of tape
under &/or over it [but they r not necessary. FLW]. It dries in 5 minutes
? by the clock ? & can b layered til u feel secure against ambient
conditions. It can b left out, til the solvent evaporates [MEK: methyl
ethyl ketone] to ANY consistency u prefer. It NEVER goes 'bad' as MEK can
b added at any time to thin it [reconstitute, if u like] but the only
parameter affected is viscosity. It even smells great [but that's a task
4 a college-days raconteur].

Try it, ull like it.

Phil Isard, WF3W

FLW = famous last words

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