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[TowerTalk] Summary Hardline & Crankup

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Summary Hardline & Crankup
From: (Larry NY2US)
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 20:31:59 -0400
I thank all who replied. I have formed some opinions about this thread.
Some replied and said *Don't use hard line* and some said use 9913 and
variations of the coax. I am a firm beliver that hardline is the way to
go. It seals out moisture, 9913 seems to wick it up. The SOLID shield
does NOT allow water to migrate into the cable. It's like a plumbing
pipe, however it is somewhat flexable. I am using Andrews Heliex for the
main run, and I will use an RG214 jumper around the rotor. 

I could not wait for any more replies. I am anxious to get on the air. I
wound up running the Heliax to the peak of my house and allowed a loop
to form from the peak to the top of the tower. I attached the cable just
below the rotor and ran a "soft" jumper (RG214) to the antennas. 

When the tower is nested the cable rests on my roof with a slight dip by
the tower away from the overhang. While the tower is extended to the
full height, the cable is at about a 45 degree angle up to the tower. I
figure after about three to four thousand times of cycling the tower up
and down the hard line will need to be replaced, but until that time I
belive it should work well.

Again thank you all for replying and hope to work you someday.

Best 73,
Larry Lipitz

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